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Banjosa lake

Banjosa Lake is found close to Rawalakot in Azad geographic area. a man-made lake at an associate altitude of 1981 meters, a manmade land owing to its resplendent and astonishing views and fabulous garden, could be a terribly notable traveler spot with vibrant trees and colorful flowers. expedited with swings and slides the spot could be a magnetization for youths in addition. Banjosa Lake is circumvented by mountains and a lush inexperienced garden copious with flowers and trees, this can be an awfully resplendent minuscule lake.

Banjosa lake

How to reach there?

Banjosa Lake has settled twelve metric linear units far away from Rawalakot town. Through Kahuta road it takes three hours from the metropolis to succeed in Rawalakot. The exciting scenery is regaled by guests throughout the travel. From Rawalakot town Banjousalake is twenty minutes away. differently to access this lake emanates from the metropolis to Mangla, Kotli then Khaigala, and eventually reaches the superb beauty of Banjousa Lake. On the way, there square measure several comely natural views and therefore the roads square measure alright maintained.

Banjosa Guest House
Frozen Banjosa Lake
Lake View Banjosa
Banjosa Lake



There square measure some luxurious guest homes and hotels in Banjosa Lake. AJK Regime engineered some fascinating resorts around the lake, to be reserved from the AJK workplace in Rawalakot. Some personal hotels associated with restaurants square measure to boot engineered at an ambulating distance from the lake, they provide ambrosial repasts with all different facilities at economical costs. Since Banjosa Lake could be a notable traveler purpose associated magnetizes an astronomically huge variety of holidaymakers in summer, advance area reservation is suggested.

Things to try and do…

Captivation fairness of Banjosa, the bogus Lake reflects in reposing calm dihydrogen oxide. Banjosa Lake is the sole musical group traveler resort within the space. Staying in close-made rest homes within the circumventions of the lake could be delectable expertise. One will relish water travel associated with reading a book or having an iPod whereas sitting around might be a decent idea.


Boating within the lake is offered, and guests particularly kids and ladies relish water travel in pleasant weather underneath the shade of tall pine trees. In winter because of precipitation water travel facility isn’t offered. The water travel charge for an individual is Rs.200 which may go high within the summer season relying upon demand.