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Never been to Kashmir? Let’s plan a BBQ night at Tolipeer Top

A Mountainous Terrain

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In the Tehsil Rawalakot in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir, on a hilltop lies a place called Tolipir. Its altitude is almost 8800 feet above sea level. In Azad Kashmir, it is around 30 miles away or a 120-minute journey. The Poonch River, Bagh, and Abbaspur can all be seen from Toli Pir.The most mountainous area in Rawalakot’s northeast is called ToliPirr, and three separate mountain ridges have their beginnings there. The rest stop for tourists on the road to Toli Pir is located in a beautiful area as well. Some remnants of an ancient mazar may be seen on the highest mountaintop .The best time to visit Tolipir is in the summer; the coldest months are often from October to March.


The most picturesque spot in Rawalakot’s northeast is Tolipir, which also happens to be the highest hilly area in the region. Tolipir, the starting point of three separate mountain ranges, gives outback leisure on expansive green plains with aspirational vistas. On the route to Tolipir, there is a tourist rest stop that is also situated in a beautiful area. On the highest point of Tolipir, there exist some ancient remnants of a Mazaar. Summer weather is good, and winter weather includes snowfall. There are around 4 acres of development-ready space.

This hilltop is located at 2,666 metres (8,418 feet) above sea level in the Tehsil Rawalakot area of the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. The hill town of Toli Peer is located in Azad Kashmir’s Poonch District’s Rawalakot Tehsil. Its altitude is almost 8800 feet above sea level. Azad Kashmir is located around 30 kilometres from Rawalakot and is only a short 40–50 minute trip from the major metropolis. Furthermore, Banjosa Lake is one of Toli Peer’s key draws. With the lush green meadows and the heaven-like view that is so lovely with the habitation of clouds, there are many hotels and resorts accessible to better service the guests. From the peak of Toli Peer, one can also see the Bagh and Poonch River. At the summit, there are alternatives for camping. It is inaccessible with personal automobiles throughout the winter.

Toli Peer is a stunning hilltop spot near the hamlet of Rawalakot in the Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan. Its height is around 8800 feet above sea level. In Azad Kashmir, it is around 30 kilometres distant, or a 45-minute journey. Toli Pir offers a view of the Poonch River in addition to Abbaspur and Bagh.

To the northeast, on Toli Pir, lies Rawalakot’s highest mountain. This is where three mountain ridges start. An attractive tourist rest stop is located on the route to Toli Pir. On the top of the hill, an ancient Mazar is still standing. The greatest time to visit Toli Pir is during the summer. Even though the weather is often good, the cooler months are from October to March. There is a lot of natural beauty in this area from April through September.


The route to the peak was formerly paved, but it is now in poor condition. The majority of the time, a passenger car or RV can get you there, but it’s not advised if your automobile is fragile or old. The winding Toli Peer Road leads up to Toli Peak’s peak. Parts of the road have a maximum grade of 18% and fall sharply.

Tolipir Road Conditions:

The tolipeer peak’s roads are in good shape and are carpeted. This route is 33.6 kilometres long and runs from Abbaspur to Ban Behak (20.87 miles). It is said to be Rawalakot’s most alluring feature. Panoramic views are offered from this lovely mountaintop setting, which is surrounded by lush meadows. The three mountain ridges that emerge from the top are divided into three categories. When it’s raining, drive carefully, and avoid driving after midnight.

Steep path to Tolipir:

Toli Pir, the mountain’s highest point and the beginning point for three summits, is situated in the northeastern area of Rawalakot. A tourist rest stop on the road to Toli Pir is in a lovely location. There are a few pieces of an ancient Mazar on the peak of the mountain. The greatest time to visit Tol Pir is thus during the summer; from October through March, it gets cooler. The area’s natural beauty is at its finest from April through September.

Ghori Maar and Rawalakot are separated by a 30-kilometer distance. The fair road Khaigala leads to this location. This place is worth visiting due to the mesmerising views of Rawalakot and Bagh from beneath the Ghori Maar overhang. Visitors to AJK can stay at the lodging options managed by the department. Along with the route from Ghori Maar, there is a location named Toli Pir that offers a tranquil atmosphere and expansive green meadows. The location has the ability to enchant tourists.

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