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Bhimber Baghsar Fort

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Baghsar Fort

Baghsar Fort may be a historical fort in Baghsar village in Samahni natural depression on the road of management. It’s a tremendous place to go to for those that have a passion to explore the historical places of AJK. it had been designed by the Mughal rulers. The traditional fort is constructed in the samahni natural depression near an area called Baghsar. Baghsar means land of water and gardens. it’s celebrated for its lake and a large granite-built fort called Baghsar fort.


It’s a celebrated holidaymaker purpose and sensible for a one-day trip. the lake wonders that the water lilies and also the encompassing hills lined with pine trees and liliaceous plant flowers. it’s additionally an area for migratory birds like geese and ducks. therefore guests will have an opportunity to observe these birds on the lake. it’s an {attractive, fine looking, a good looking} place with attractive wide views within the Bhimber district.


Baghsar wont to be an attentiveness throughout and when the ruler era because of its strategic locality and picturesque & calm atmosphere. Baghsar fort is constructed on a close-by mountain. it’s a beautiful fort within the lush inexperienced meadows on the hill. Here we have some clicks of the fort.

It’s a four-story structure of granite. It is a large size fort with a hall, a water lake, and 43 rooms within the boundary wall. it’s not available to guests because of the proximity to the road of management between Pakistan and Bharat. Another importance of this fort is that the burial place of the innards of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, World Health Organization was on his thanks to Lahore from a geographic region and died between Rajouri and Bhimber.


The atmospheric phenomenon of this place is hot and dry during the summer season however has stunning scenic views due to the encircling geographic region hills. within the winter season, the weather is far additional pleasant because of the naturally covering hills. If you want to know more about this ancient fort click here.