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Most Amazing Lake In the midst of Rawalakot

Lake of spectacular beauty

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Banjosa lake


Banjosa Lake

In Azad Kashmir, Banjosa Lake is located close to Rawalakot. An artificial area with a synthetic lake at an elevation of 1981 metres is a highly popular tourist destination with vibrant trees and vibrant blooms because of its spectacular and striking views. The location, which is polarising for youngsters as well, is encouraged by swings and slides.

This glistening little lake, known as Banjosa Lake, is surrounded by mountains and a magnificent green landscape filled with flowers and trees.

Only 12 kilometres separate Rawalakot from the Banjosa Lake. From Rawalpindi, it takes 3 hours to get to Rawalakot through Kahuta Street. Throughout the whole tour, visitors are enthralled and hypnotised by the breathtaking scenery. Banjosa Lake is around 20 minutes away from Rawalakot. The area’s roadways are extraordinarily well-maintained, and the security situation is also good.


Near Banjosa Lake, there are various luxurious guest rooms and inns. The Azad Jammu and Kashmir government has built some appealing resorts around the lake, which may be booked through the AJK office in Rawalakot. A few privately owned hotels and restaurants that operate within a short stroll of the lake also provide delectable meals and other services at affordable prices.It is always advised to reserve your accommodations in advance since Banjosa Lake is a well-known holiday destination and it attracts a lot of visitors in the middle of the year.There are various hotels in the area, including the Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban, the Hotel One Mall Road Murree, and the Hotel Al Azeem. For reference, Hotel One Mall Road Murree has a 45 USD price tag. Banjosa Lake will thus be a great choice if you’re seeking for a beautiful place to spend time with your loved ones.

The artificial lake Banjosa’s captivating perfection is reflected in its placid, still waters. The primary organised traveller resort in the area is Banjosa Lake. It is actually enjoyable to stay in one of the guest cottages constructed around the lake. While appreciating the quality of the area, one may enjoy floating in the lake, reading a book, or listening to music.


The replicated Lake in Banjosa, which is mesmerizingly lovely, reflects peacefully sleeping dihydrogen monoxide. It is a luxurious ordeal to stay at nearby built-in guest homes around the lake. A good starting point may be to enjoy floating while listening to an iPod or reading a book.


in December and January, when the temperature drops to -5 °C. Summertime temperatures range from 16 to 25 °C (61 to 77 °F).


Banjosa Lake is a man-made lake and a resort that is situated in the Poonch district of Azad Kashmir, some 18 kilometres from the city of Rawalakot. It is 1981 metres above sea level. Even in the height of summer, the climate here is very pleasant and temperate. The months of December and January see snowfall. This lake is surrounded by hills and dense pine forests, which enhance its charm. The Azad and Jammu Kashmir tourist and archaeology department developed some exquisitely designed guest rooms nearby, and they are reasonably priced.

During a picnic at Banjosa Lake, one can spend pleasant moments with their loved ones, surrounded by such a picturesque environment. The restaurants over here serve tempting and delicious foods that are loved by vacationers. If you’re coming or traveling from Islamabad, then it will take you a drive of about three to four hours to reach here. You can also enjoy boating here. The beautiful view of the sunset enlightens the soul and makes us forget the worries of life.

You may take a boat to explore the lovely surrounds and the lake is tranquil and serene. You will feel close to nature thanks to the boat cruise. Your mind and heart will be revived by the clean air of the mountains and trees. Additionally, you may take a trek in the mountains to get some fresh air and clear your lungs. The trekking is not particularly difficult, and people frequently go for walks in the woods with their families. The pine forest is so dense that it provides the impression that the area is devoid of pollution. Make a plan to visit this lake with your family or friends and take a vacation from your city life. I’m confident you’ll like this gift.

You must endure the rough sections of the road after Rawalakot in order to get to this breathtaking location. The beautiful flora along the roadside, though, uplifts your spirits and provides a pleasant sense. Hotels and eateries abound in the area. There are many different culinary alternatives available. The culinary options include fast food, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. Even though many people come here for day trips, some want to stay for the evening campfire. There are several excellent and affordable hotels where you can unwind and take in the lovely surroundings from the comfort of your accommodation. This location is ideal for nature lovers who enjoy spending time in their natural surroundings.

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