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Leepa Valley- Hattiyan Bala

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Hattiyan Bala

Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley is a cultivatable valley located within the Hattiyan Bala District of Azad Jammu and geographical region, it is the most partaking place for guests who needs to explore AJK. It’s settled close to eighty-three kilometers from the capital town of Muzaffarabad the valley is split into the Nowkot, Kasirkot, Dao Khan, Leepa, and Canadian sectors.

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 Leepa valley was at one time a part of Karnah tehsil of Kupwara district in Jammu and geographical region.

Leepa Valley


The valley is currently a part of the Jhelum valley District in the Azad geographical region, Pakistan. It’s been a part of strife between the 2 neighboring countries. Leepa valley is located 10,000 feet on top of the water level. Downfall happens often throughout the year Rice and apple fields may be found oft within the whole valley. The road of management, which separates it from Jammu and its geographical region, may be seen from any place whereas standing within the valley from east to west.

Beautiful Leepa Valley



Its lush Green River fields in summer and typical picket Kashmiri homes gift a beautiful read to the tourists. 

The main language that is spoken in the valley is Kashmiri, followed by Pahari-Pothwari and Gojari. Here we have some detailed information read it.