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Ratti Gali Lake

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Ratti Gali lake

RattiGali Lake is among several heavenly places in Azad Kashmir region. It’s one of the best lakes in the world by altitude and is one of the foremost lovely and enticing lakes in the Azad geographic region. The RattiGali Lake is nestled in the forest. The lake is found at an Associate in Nursing altitude of 3683 meters. It’s an amazing place for people who love nature and have the passion to explore AJK. Click here to see views of ratigali lake.

The lake water comes from the liquefied glaciers of the Karakoram Range Mountain ranges. The peaceful, crystal clear waters of this lake area unit are enclosed by the geographic area of in all probability one of the foremost enticing mountainous regions in the world. It was named rattaGali as a result of the close red plateaus and slopes. it’s normally called a dowarian lake among natives. it’s additionally called the Jewel of Neelum vale among locals. There are unit 2 lakes on the thanks to RattiGali. the primary Lake is smaller compared to the opposite one. It falls into the larger Lake and merges with it.

How to reach there?

It’s placed in Muzaffarabad, which is the body capital of the Azad geographic region and therefore the nearest major town to the lake is also at a distance of seventy-five kilometers. It’s an area that adventure-seekers would love visiting. Reaching RattiGali Lake involves loads of traveling and trekking. it should be roughly around a 4-to 6-hour long journey, counting on the flow of the traffic and climate. Traveling by road, you’ll 1st reach Dowarian a little village in Azad. From there, you will get to climb onto a 4X4 vehicle (probably a Jeep) to get to RattiGali Lake as it’s a jolty and rocky path. once taking a car ride for nearly a few hours, you’ll reach the bottom camp space of RattiGali Lake. From there, you’ll got to trek for nearly a pair of more hours to achieve your destination. besides trekking, horseback riding might also be out there for tourists.

Beautiful Views of Ratti Gali Lake

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Ratti Gali Lake



The weather and therefore the setting at RattiGali lake area unit serene and peaceful. You can fancy the read, relax, and simply forget the globe and its issues for a short while. Since it’s a glacial lake, the weather within the close areas typically stays cold the whole year. So, you should pack heat garments for your journey. Certify you’re additionally taking significant meals and eating dried fruits. Such dietary habits can keep you heat and desirably energize for your journey If you’re a nature lover you must ne’er miss visiting it. Click here to learn more about ratigali lake.