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Sharda – the foremost picturesque place in Neelumvalley, is found at a distance of 136 kilometers fromMuzaffarabad and thirty kilometre from Dowarian.  It is the most charming place for those who are passionate to explore the beauty of Kashmir. it’s a breathtaking spot. This place the purpose of reading tourists is therefore engaging and charming.Click here to see the snapshots of  the place. Sharda one additionally finds ruins of the traditional Sharda University. The University was a seat of the highest learning in the whole of Asia. Folks from across the world come back here to urge information and return to spread that information throughout the world.

The presence of those ruins lends Sharda a historical background providing a special attraction for folks curious about anthropology and history Shardi and Nardi square measure 2 mountain peaks dominating the vale, seemingly named when legendaryprincess Sharda. it’s a charming landscape with various springs and hillsides coated with trees. On the correct bank, opposite Sharda, the Neelum is joined by the Surgan Nallah on that a track leads to Nurinar Pass and threw it to the Kaghan vale.

How to reach there?

Sharda is accessible from Muzaffarabad simply by victimization any transport. there’s a variety of hotels and rest homes out there in Sharda have different facilities. The journey of Sharda is done throughout the year however the most effective time to go here is between October to could. motion here in these months is best and gratifying. Click here to know more about sharda.

Amazing Views Of Sharda

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Sharda neelum valley-exploreajk



Sharda is an incredibly historical place to go to. Visit NeelumValley for geographic region Tours. Sharda could be a tiny hill station within the Neelum vale. it’s one of the foremostbeautiful valleys and is legendary for its charming scenic attraction. Sharda vale is found on the foot of two peaks, Sharda and Nardi. There square measure historical ruins of Hindu temples dedicated to the deity Sharda. It remains a middle purpose for Hinduism and Buddhism within the ninth century.