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Azad Kashmir region has some lovely villages one among them includes the Taobat in Sharda Tehsil in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir. Taobat is the last location of Neelam valley, set two hundred kilometers from Muzaffarabad and thirty-nine kilometers from Kel. Taobat is one of the best traveler spots in West Pakistan. Taobat is one of the foremost white-haired and visited places from the tourist side attributable to venturesome trekking and wonderful tracks. It’s an engaging place for people who have an interest in exploring Kashmir’s beauty and natural fantastic thing about the Azad Kashmir region is currently a treat for all foreigners because the Government of West Pakistan has eradicated NOC for the touristry of those lovely places for foreigners. 


The wonder of Taobat is enigmatic. The lush green trees and mountains around are jam-packed with energy and wonder. Click here to see the photos of it. If you’re reaching to visit, Azad geographical region Taobat ought to air your list. The rosy sunsets and mistymornings can enlighten your soul with calmness and peace. The position and hypnotic scenicbeauty of Taobat would be a memory forever. the plush inexperienced trees and delightful Neelam vale aroundTaobut has fascinating sights.Taobat could be a gem of the Azad geographical region.

People Of Taobat

The individuals of Taobat are innocent and generous. The generosity of the locals of Taobat is one of the explanations why it’s a most well-liked traveler spot. From Taobat tourists maypay a visit to Janwai and Sardari. each of the places is made in beauty with lovely serious snow in winter.

Hotels in Taobat

Some of the hotels close to Taobat embrace Kaka Palace house and Hotels, The Wood Vibes, Gurez Retreat, Neelam Vale building, and therefore the grove Retreat and Spa. the typical price for a daily and nightstay in the Neelam vale building is forty USA greenbacks. Taobat could be a must-visit place therefore don’t miss. Click here to see more info.

Beatiful View of Taobat

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